With the availability of so many courses and universities to study abroad for engineering students, it can be very daunting task to decide what and where to study and how to apply for abroad universities but we can certainly make it very easy for you to take this important decision for your career. We provide excellent career consultancy services where in our education consultant counsel those students who are interested in pursuing courses like computer engineering programs, but not certain about their study destination. We provide professional counseling to study abroad for engineering students. Our experienced and knowledgeable education consultant can identify & understand your study goal and helps the student for making wiser academic decision so that students can select academic courses like computer engineering programs, medicine, management etc. that matches your professional and personal goal. Education consultants from eduFactsINDIA offer an array of opportunities for students seeking for higher education like computer engineering programs. You just have to contact us for booking your gratis appointment with our experienced educational consultant and we will give you in depth information about foreign education and a way to achieve it.

Over 80% of our students are references from our previous students. We never make any false commitments to our students & we deliver what we promise. We promise to provide excellent & professional services to study abroad for engineering students and extended support to other medical & management students.

  • your interests, timelines, education, budgets and career goals
  • information and advice on selected country and courses
  • an overview of the education system in selected countries
  • explain job opportunities with current education
  • helping students in registration of their qualification in country where they pursue their course
  • explanation about further or post graduate education opportunities not only in the selected country of their education but also in other countries
  • research and scholarship options for students in selected course