Student travelling, Accommodation & Localization

Presenting a service that transforms a rather cumbersome process to an interesting tour. We take pride in having developed a system that helps the student to start his professional education not as a nervous travel but as a completely simplified assisted tour. We not only help you travel to your education destination but also support you settling down there and gelling up with local people, faculty and university for a better educational and homely environment.
We also make sure of our presence not only in India but in the destination country.

  • Forming batches for students to a particular university to travel together.
  • Arranging tickets for travel to the destination.
  • Informing all the students with complete itinerary of their tour to their chosen destination.
  • Providing students will all the required information about methods of payment of tuition fee, currency exchange, basic necessities to carry to their chosen destination, luggage allowance and all other required information helping them during their travel to the destination.
  • Providing students will all the documents required for travel.
  • Meeting the batch at the airport for final pre-departure briefing and wishing them luck.
  • Providing parents with contact numbers of our representatives in the destination country.
  • Making sure of safe departure of every student.
  • Meeting of the batch of students and our representative in the destination country.
  • On arrival greetings and briefing.
  • Transfer of students from the airport to the university/hostel.
  • Arranging the accommodation and basic necessities to make our students comfortable in their hostel/accommodation.
  • On arrival lunch/dinner in the hostel.
  • Making sure that each student contacts his/her parents/guardians of their safe travel and arrival.
  • Helping the student fill up the necessary documents for their completion of admission process.
  • Helping the student in payment of tuition fee.
  • Helping the student in obtaining his residence permit in the country of his university and helping him with obtaining all the necessary documents for the same including medical insurances, medical checkups etc.
  • Initial orientation of the student in the new country/city with a small tour.
  • Providing student with SIM cards and providing their parents/guardians with their contact numbers.
  • Being there for the student during his initial acclimatization to the new country/university.
  • Explaining the candidate his rights and duties in the new country once again.