If you are planning to study abroad, For example: MBA in Europe or petroleum engineering degree in Ukraine, Visa is mandatory document which grants the right to a person to enter any country. For students, who aspire to study in Ukraine, to acquire a Ukrainian Visa is a tiresome job. But, it can be made easy if and only if the Ukraine visa requirements procedure are followed in a proper sequence as per the Ukraine embassy guidelines. eduFactsINDIA has a dedicated team for taking care of this very important process while you apply visa process file to study in Ukraine.
We productively guide our candidate about Ukraine visa requirements & process visa applications customs for students who are seeking to study in Ukraine through unpredictable methods and a maze of formalities. Having procured skills and involvement in the administration of movement applications, our customer gets master counselling and careful checking of their application through the whole procedure of Visa. Being Visa Experts, we always stay up to date with the most recent changes, along these lines continually enhancing the administration of uses.

  • Procuring the Passport from the candidate and applying for visa approval letter/ invitation letter from the chosen university.
  • Preparation of file for visa application, which includes preparation of student’s documents like HRD attestation, Apostle and Translation of documents in a foreign language if required.
  • Helping the candidate to get his/her medical fitness certificate as per the required format.
  • To collect all the other necessary documents i.e. original invitation letter/ visa approval letter, medical insurance, ticket reservations etc.
  • To obtain an appointment for visa application from the respective embassy.
  • To apply for student’s visa to study abroad as a student representative.
  • To keep the candidate updated on the progress of the process.
  • To collect the documents back from the respective embassy and congratulate the student for successful completion of the process.